MSA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT is a fee based Registered Investment Manager.  We manage each portfolio individually; no computerized  portfolio models are used.  Each portfolio is designed with the individual client"s personal goals and risk tolerance  a priority.  Fundamental and technical analysis are utilized for individual securities as well as the macro view of the economy and overall market-place.

MSA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT manages both individual and institutional accounts, utilizing stocks and bonds.  Most of our institutional accounts are fixed income.


Before any investment is considered, a thorough review of the Risk Tolerance the account is willing and financially able to withstand is defined.  A small business, individual, retirement fund or large Insurance company all have a level of risk that they are either willing, or can afford to assume.  The type of strategy and types of investments depend heavily upon that risk tolerance.


All portfolios are closely examined with consideration of the economic climate, trend of the general market, and the client's defined risk and goals.  Wholesale elimination of existing portfolios is not typically the norm.  Many times portions of existing portfolios are maintained or either paired down or added to, in order to bring them in sync with our current asset allocation


Todays economy is complex and is influenced by foreign and domestic factors.  MSA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, PLLC utilizes Macro Economics to evaluate the "Big Picture".  One of our primary tools is Interest Rates and their effect on business in general.


As stated above we measure and utilize a Macro approach and follow trends.  Thus there are times to be fully invested and times to be out of the markets.  Typically speaking, we will generally have the bulk of client funds invested in a positive or a negative manner with varying degrees of cash or cash equivalents.